A museum is an echo chamber, a maze where voices rise from across the ages. Amid this symphony of singular sounds, spectators silently listen or try to hum along with the choir.

Museums embody the human need to gather and classify. While skilled curators manage to narrow down the amount of dots visitors may connect, each individual can connect these dots in different ways, relying on their own feelings, interests, and expectation – and that’s where Art String comes in.


ArtString is a museum companion app inspired by the wonder and curiosity fueled by the knowledge that lives in our cultural institutions. Museums are inherently valuable not only because of the knowledge they present, but because of the ideas, feelings, and opinions they provoke.

Often, the curious voices and thoughtful impressions of museum visitors are just as illuminating as the carefully crafted museum labels. Museums contain so many layers and permutations – some of which have yet to be explored.

ArtString is here to shine a light on those perspectives, to offer an arena for exciting conversations, and to encourage inquisitive and thoughtful opinions. Visitors can leave comments apply hashtags to their favorite works, and create strings based on personal themes for others to follow. These shared experiences can then spark new discussions, creating infinite reverberations of knowledge and ideas.

Museums already provide a physical space display amazing objects; ArtString provides a digital space for pondering and sharing, creating a network for visitor-to-visitor communication.